The original Turkish Bath (Hammam) at JW Marriot Istanbul

Istanbul is the perfect place to try the original Hamam Baths. The JW Marriott Istanbul Bosphoruscloses all their facilities for LiveSpaLife to enjoy an ancient this traditional treatment. Welcome to the enchanting realm of the Turkish hamam bath, an ancient tradition that has been cherished for centuries.

The Turkish hamam, or hammam, traces it’s roots back to the Roman and Byzantine periods, evolving over time to become an integral part of Turkish culture and daily life. These exquisite bathing rituals were not only about physical cleansing but also about spiritual purification and social interaction.

The Facilities

As you enter a traditional Turkish hamam, you are immediately struck by the beauty of its architecture, specially at the facilities of the JW Marriot. The waiting room is perfect for you to relax, enjoy a great tea and traditional nuts. Then you’ll pass to the hamman area with soar overhead, while the gentle sound of running water creates a serene ambiance. The space is divided into sections ensuring privacy and comfort for all guests.

The Tratment

Your journey begins as you disrobe and wrap yourself in a traditional pestemal, a thin cotton towel that serves as your modesty garment throughout the experience. You then proceed to the warm and humid steam room, where you recline on a heated marble slab, known as a göbektaşı, and allow the soothing steam to envelop you.

A skilled attendant, known as a tellak (for men) or natir (for women), gently exfoliates your skin using a coarse mitt, known as a kese, to remove dead skin cells and impurities. This invigorating scrub not only leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth but also promotes circulation and detoxification.

The Cleansing Ritual

Next comes the sudsy wash, as the tellak or natir lathers your body with fragrant olive oil soap and massages your muscles with skillful hands. The rhythmic movements, combined with the cleansing properties of the soap, leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from head to toe.

The Final Rinse

As the treatment draws to a end, you rinse off under a cascade of warm water, washing away any remaining traces of soap and impurities. You emerge from the hamam feeling utterly relaxed and renewed, ready to face the world with a renewed sense of vitality. I’m so grateful because I had the opportunity to experience this amazing treatment here nex to the Bosphorus.


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