Loofah Turkish Bath at the Marriot Hotel in Petra Jordan

The Marriott hotel in Petra closes all their facilities for LiveSpaLife to enjoy an ancient tradition: The Hammam or Turkish Bath.

Nowadays you gather for brunch, a coffee or as simple as a walk in the park to connect with your friends, the Hammam was and continues to be the tradition, to relate.

There were a few things that caught my eye, starting when you walked in it was such an astonishing decoration covered in marbles, you knew every piece was there for a reason and with a meaning, it was like taking a time machine and traveling to the past. Petra Marriott Hotel has been devoted after years, through different generations, to keep the Hammam tradition alive and open for different cultures to experience their culture.

Public Hammam is still a major part of the culture, thanks to the Marriott hotel family, I had the opportunity to enjoy this tradition in their private facilities.

Benefits of the Treatment

Boosts the immune system, by dilating the blood vessels and increasing circulation used in the hot steam. Intensely invigorates, the intense scrubbing and massage lead your body in blood flow, therefore, stimulating and awakening the senses. Relax your mind and body, the intense heat and steam use in the Hammam, as well as the relaxing massage element, the setting of the treatment, it will be hard to not consider this one as the most pampering and relaxing treatment.

The Products

Traditionally, Beldi Soap (known as Black Moroccan soap) is used in the Hammam, is an olive oil based soap, but it does not have to be just that one. Some therapists create their own soaps for the treatments, using eucalyptus, rosemary or sandalwood oil, then therapist will proceed to use the a loofah glove, also known as Kessa glove, and in circular motions they will cover you in bubbles providing your body a positive effect.

The Staff

I have to give a huge thanks to Petra Marriott Hotel family for making this possible for LiveSpaLife, an experience that I will definitely not forget.


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