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This is one of the world’s oldest cities with a recorded history spanning over 3,400 years. Speechless ruins all over the city, and definitely the first stop for a trip to Greece, before heading to the islands

  • Best time to travel: Mid April to September

  • Currency: Euro

  • What to see and do

    Visit the Acropolis where you’ll find the famous Parthenon and Dionisio’s theater. The feeling of being in this place with so much history is unbelievable. You can visit the museum and to watch the sunset, the best spot is the Areopagus, just outside the entrance of the Acropolis

  • Where to eat

    The best place to eat with a view is Dionysos Zonar’s Restaurant where you’ll have an incredible gastronomic experience, great staff attention and the best view of the Acropolis.

  • Where to stay

    For a local experience, the best Airbnb you’ll find is definitely an amazing apartment where you’ll wake up with the best view of Athens. At night the view of the Parthenon lighten up enhance the living room, the terrace and the main room


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