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Amazing, diverse, and mysterious. Morocco is an extraordinary place to travel. Is a big country and the distances are very long but the amazing places are worth it. Here is everything you need to know if you’re planning to travel to Morocco.

  • Best time to travel: March to October

  • Currency: Moroccan Dirham

  • What to see and do

    There are many cities and towns to visit in Morocco.  You have to explore and sleep in the Sahara Desert with the tour company Viaje a Marruecos, then go to the ‘Blue City of Chefchaouen’ and walk through the local markets. On the way to Marrakech, you have to visit an incredible/breathtaking town ‘Aït Benhaddou’, and the scenario of a lot of films. Also if you go to Tanger, you have to visit the famous Hercules Caves.

  • Where to eat

    The food is amazing everywhere. In Blue City, the castle in front of the Riad Hichman Hotel has a terrace where you can eat amazing local food cooked in ceramic. If you are in Marrakech go to the Royal Mansour Hotel. My favorite dish was the watermelon carpaccio, but everything they serve is extraordinary.

  • Where to stay

    At Marrakech, you can stay at the Royal Mansour, an amazing and unique hotel with the concept of a medina within a medina. Also, the Four Seasons is perfectly situated between the city’s ancient medina and the cosmopolitan neighborhoods.

    In the Sahara Desert, you can stay in luxurious tents with Viaje a Marruecos company. At the Blue city, the hotel Hotel Riad Hichman.

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